Posh traditionalist.

Talk about upper crust. The CHESTERFIELD conveys all the class of a proper sitting room, while inviting you to snuggle up and settle in. Named after an earl and dubbed the “king of sofas,” the chesterfield style features plush, deep tufts and a rich tradition of English craftsmanship. It cuts a fine figure. The brilliant design comes with bespoke elements like extra storage, seat adjustability, a cupholder, even a footstool.

Drama is life with the dull bits cut out.”
—Alfred Hitchcock, British director
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The Chesterfield in action.


Chesterfield texture
Engine controls
Tactile transducer
Adjustable headrest

Product Variations

Product Line Chesterfield


I am to provide the public with beneficial shocks.”
—Alfred Hitchcock, British director

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