Nordic visions.

Inspired by Nordic chair design, the COPENHAGEN is made to look utterly remarkable from every angle. Clean lines. Organic textures. Abstract shapes. An airy frame. The Copenhagen comes together beautifully with real wood, deluxe fabrics, and modern Danish minimalism. With the Scandinavian design ethos that simply stunning furniture should seamlessly improve your quality of life, the Copenhagen offers deep-seated advancements. Under the seams, live easy with customizable features like massage functionality, a hidden audio-enhancing headrest, and more.

I'm known for provocations, but I like provocations when they have a purpose.”
—Lars Von Trier, Danish director
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The Copenhagen in action.


Hidden audio headrest
Engine controls
Decorative sidepanels
Real wood
Massage function


Product Variations

Product Line Copenhagen


I think that limitations are the most important part of any art form.”
—Lars Von Trier, Danish director

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