Love Is in the Chair

Diamonds. Chocolate. Red velvet. Gold rings. Massages. We all know the signifying tropes of love, but what is love really at heart?

It’s about knowing someone so well, you can design the perfect escape for him or her. Like watching “When Harry Met Sally” on a luxury custom theater chair designed for romance movies. Maybe with rich, silky chocolate brown leather. Or plush red velvet. Or Swarovski crystal accent buttons. Real gold cupholders. And chair massage functionality you can spark with a touch of an app. Love—and Moovia luxury theater seating—will find a way. “Be mine,” your media room says.

It’s Made for You

Custom-built for your deepest desires, Moovia knows the way to your heart is true theater chair love. Because when something feels designed exactly for what you care about most, you fall right into its arms.

side table and cupholders
ambient light