Theater Chairs That Take You Places

Films transport you. Your entertainment space should, too. Journey into the imagination with Moovia. Our theater chairs go beyond the ordinary to give your media room a cinematic quality. Completely customizable with luxe touches and cutting-edge technology, Moovia seating lets you go more places in home theater spaces.

Fully Customizable

Choose from a wide variety of luxurious accessories and exquisite leather, fabric, veneer, and wood options to create a bespoke chair that suits you perfectly. Built to order, our chairs are delivered in weeks, not months.


Nothing can replace the expertise of meticulous master craftsmen. Adhering to strict German quality and manufacturing standards, Moovia theater seating is handcrafted by skilled furniture makers with the finest leathers, woods, and upholstery found in Europe.


All our models come with designs engineered by Lusch Engineering, one of the oldest and most trusted names in German mechanical engineering. Our upscale accessories—including D-Box motion technology, customized lighting, and temperature control/ventilation—complement our luxurious materials. The Moovia mobile app lets you adjust the seats to your exact needs—including synchronized movement, lighting, and temperature control accessories.


Illustrious interior and production designer Zsolt Karajz and his team of European designers combine modern design with tradition to create spaces that move you. Dramatic, inspiring, and entirely livable, Moovia theater chairs evoke distinct moods using shapes, materials, and unadulterated inspiration. It’s art that really works.


I believe if a structure is working well then it is beautiful as well. I am not decorating, I am creating functional structures and spaces.

—Moovia designer Zsolt Karajz